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This phone could destroy your life or business. I have had it 3 months.

It calls people while it is sitting on the table. You will not be aware of it and if they answer... They can hear everything that you are saying. I have records of 123 plus minute calls to customers who I did not call.

It is a huge ordeal to end a call. Sometime it requires 7 steps to end a call. Screen goes black in a second. It automatically merges calls without touching it.

This is a nightmare! I can be talking to a customer. Someone else calls on the other line and you are suddenly on a 3 way call. This is without touching the phone!

It is on speaker on the table! Customers show up unannounced and claim that they called three times. I am always next to the phone. I have record of other calls proving the phone works.

I have accused people of lying and showed them that I had no missed calls. They prove me wrong by showing me their outgoing calls. This is not cool! It will drop calls every minute when I'm sitting at my desk......

where I have perfect reception. Once I hang up from a call and sit the phone down...it repeatedly dials that person back. Very embarrassing! It constantly goes into airplane mode by its self during conversations, Again...

while on speaker. I'm not even touching the phone. This requires many steps to turn the airplane mode off so that you can call them back. Try this when you are driving!

There is no adjustment for speaker volume. It constantly mutes itself , again...while sitting on the desk on speaker. The voice quality is bad. Can't hear people very well.

The camera takes terrible pictures..no matter how hard I try. I purchased this camera because I was told that it was designed to take amazing photos. My business is based on taking photos of products. The internet access randomly turns off without my knowledge.

I miss many important messages from customers. I've had it for 3 months and it constantly tells me that features will stop functioning due to lack of memory. I had my last phone for 5 years and never ran out of memory. I would only recommend this phone to someone who suspects their significant other of cheating...because they will be caught!

LOL but.. no joke TEXT MESSAGES DISSAPEAR AS SOON AS YOU HIT SEND. My customers are expecting my replies... I tell them that I sent them the message and it does not exist.

I can't find a draft file. This is costing me money!

I started doing screen shots of all of this craziness. How can a phone be this bad?

Product or Service Mentioned: Zte Grand X Max 2 Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ZTE Pros: Staff at the cricket store who tried to help.

ZTE Cons: Fact that the people selling the phone are also confused.

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